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Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Jedi Marketing Tricks

Searching for successful strategies to increase consumer awareness and ultimately grow your business is no easy task. Creating effective advertising to your consumer base requires a great deal more than most companies are willing to put in. Gaining new customers often requires you to need to change their thought processes and their behaviors.

There is no end all answer to achieve this result. However, well thought out marketing and advertising tactics placed through multiple channels can achieve this desired end goal. When formulating your strategy, keep in mind the goals you wish to achieve from both your marketing and promotional advertising efforts.

Your marketing approach should be centered on the thought processes of your clientele. Effective marketing gets the consumer to subconsciously acknowledge or even select your product or service. Seeing a well placed Pepsi can in latest blockbuster movie is no coincidence. Most marketing campaigns and strategies are formed through the lens of the consumer. What would they want to see? What are they thinking when they enter a search query into Google.

The second tier in this plan of attack is promoting your product. The difference in approach is that advertising changes the consumer’s behaviors and actions. Hopefully, your marketing efforts have planted the seeds of change in the consumers mind. Your advertising campaign is the last push towards choosing your companies product or service over the competition.

Think of it this way; marketing gets your business into the consumer’s brain waves, advertising gets them to sign the check.

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