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As Director of Marketing and Business Development at Underground Elephant my role is to develop high-level relationships in the lead generation and performance advertising verticals. My focus is in the Education and Financial spaces. I am an avid animal lover and member of the humane society. Whenever I have free time I spend it playing with my puppy, watching sports and reading up on trends in the industry.

Friday, June 18, 2010

Sales tactics in the Lead Generation Market

Despite the best efforts of cash for clunkers, stimulus plans, and bailouts most businesses public and private are making massive cutbacks or shutting down completely. The deteriorating sales numbers found in many industries including lead gen require the bold to take action, and the meek to fall by the wayside. I have never been one to be meek, but the solution is very complicated. With marketing efforts and sales force budgets slashed and dashed, it is difficult to create a positive result from such a negative situation.

What cannot get lost in all this mess, is the importance of being proactive about the problem. Industries that refused to advance with new technologies or customer desires are now stuck making rash reactive measures. Staying aggressive in your approach is important, but it does not necessarily have to be a thorny endeavor.

Sometimes, going back to the bread and butter of running a successful business is necessary, because it is so often overlooked. Build your brand through a happy and loyal customer base. Consumer loyalty is the best marketing because they give you client referrals, testimonials, and return business.

It is also very important to re-examine your product or service. Many times there are hidden values or costs left unattended that can financially cripple a company. Review market trends and avoid industry fads. If you have lasted this long in the market count your blessings and keep moving forward.

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