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Friday, July 2, 2010

The Power of Video: Search Marketing with YouTube

With billions of searches being made each and every day, the majority of purchase cycles include the use of a search engine. In all of these search queries, there are some surprising numbers involving the incorporation of video into search marketing. Google spiders are very keen on quality content found in videos, giving even more reason for their purchase of YouTube back in 2006. Video is vying for the throne as the prevailing form of online media, and it’s starting to pull away.

Viewers of YouTube are watching over 2 billion videos each and every day. To put that number in context Google gets around the same number of searches per day. This was unthinkable even just a few years ago. YouTube continually provided quality content and great site interaction building their website the right way. Now they are a powerhouse provider in a unique niche market.

With so many viewers making so many searches, marketers are pushing hard to capitalize on this massive market space. Businesses and services are putting everything from commercial advertising to client testimonials on YouTube. This is a great opportunity to promote your company to an ever-growing audience on top of improving your link building efforts. If done correctly your promoted videos will rank highly against searches in a similar fashion as a Google pay-per-click advertisement.

Looking at the bigger picture there are great long-term benefits from both promoted ads and organic videos. YouTube ranks their videos in an organic fashion, allowing views from either effort to shed positive light on the videos long term ranking.

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