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As Director of Marketing and Business Development at Underground Elephant my role is to develop high-level relationships in the lead generation and performance advertising verticals. My focus is in the Education and Financial spaces. I am an avid animal lover and member of the humane society. Whenever I have free time I spend it playing with my puppy, watching sports and reading up on trends in the industry.

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Underground Elephant Just Keeps Getting Bigger

In the last month we've added several new team members at Underground Elephant. I've been with the company so long I remember when we were only a few people feverishly working day and night to make the business work. Now we have such a large and diverse crew here at Underground Elephant. Due to our success we were able to hire Alex Chang--tech wizard of sorts. I'm so proud to have him here.

Check out Mr. Chang's info and detail in our press release here.

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